5 Must Have Tech Toys for Growing Your Business

If you are a small business owner who thinks technology is a hassle, tap into your inner geek and change your mindset.  With the right tech toys, you can grow your business and have fun doing it.

1. Digital Still Camera – Web 2.0 has changed the way large and small companies market goods and services. Chances are, if you are a small business owner, you have an online profile where quality photos are a must. New model digital still cameras are small enough to fit in the average sized purse or shirt pocket. Look for features like 10 or more mega pixels and 3X zoom. Another great feature to have is some type of auto tracking because this keeps the subject in focus until the photo is snapped.

2. Video Camera – Like the digital still camera, today’s video camera is small and sleek, making it easy to carry and easy to use. Short video clips can enhance a company’s web presence. In this relationship marketing era, potential clients and customers are more likely to be attracted to you and your business offering when they can see you in action. Look for a model that is internet ready as some video files must be converted before footage can be used online. Also, make sure the video camera has a connection for a tripod on the bottom. Using a tripod is necessary when you are using the self timer feature.

3. Laptop or Netbook – I am amazed at how many business owners are still tied down to a desktop computer. Shake lose and add some flexibility to your work schedule by adding a laptop or netbook to your toy chest. There are many cost effective models on the market. Several features such as a webcam, microphone, and WiFi are standard now, even on the least expensive machines. The primary difference between a laptop and a netbook is that the netbook doesn’t have a built in DVD drive. This may not be an issue since software companies make programs available on a SD card or downloadable from a website. None the less, be sure to consider your software needs prior to making a choice.

4. MP3 Player – Whether you are washing dishes, waiting for an appointment, or taking a fitness walk, this is a great multitasking tool. Simply download that audio or video seminar ono a player and you can feed your brain at your own convenience. In addition, most MP3 devices are equipped with a built in digital voice recorder that allows you to record hours of material. This is a terrific way to document your thoughts before a big meeting or refresh your memory after it.

5. Bluetooth Ear Piece – Let’s face it, many small business owners spend just as much or more time in their automobile than they do behind a desk. Using a Bluetooth device is essential now because most states have enacted a hands free law that makes it a driving offense to hold a cell phone while operating a car. Styles, features, and performance do count when considering a bluetooth device. The one feature that you can’t live without is noise cancellation — standard on most devices, but check to make sure. Keep in mind that more expensive is not necessarily better.

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