5 Steps that Led Ted Williams to Millions of Dollars Worth of Work

Ted Williams – the man with the golden voice -was flooded with voice over offers after his story went viral.  It wasn’t complicated really.  It was however, extremely effective.  For me, my coaching clients, and members of the Tech Divas Uncorked Global Network, it was a simple five step process that any small business owner can use to grow their own company.

1.  Know your value, vision, or god given talent. So many business owners are unclear about the value they bring to the marketplace. In the case of Ted Williams, he had a unique voice. For small business owners, it might be a vision or a solution to a problem their target market has.

2.  Put your value together with a call to action in a concise, clear statement that is easy for your target market to understand. I find that for many of my coaching clients, this is a difficult thing to address.  It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out to get results. For Ted Williams it was a powerful story that provoked interest in the reader.

3.  Promote your message with your most profitable target market. Use every piece of marketing collateral – business card, website, social media profile, etc. – to tell your business story.  For Ted Williams, it was only 5 sentences on a piece of cardboard.

4.  Be consistent and keep showing up. Often, small business owners are sporadic with their marketing.  Ted Williams appeared on the same corner day after day until something clicked.

5.  When opportunity knocks, open the door! This may seem like a no-brainer, but many business owners fail to respond appropriately when potential clients show interest in their offering. Not Ted Williams. When asked, he was eager to demonstrate his ability.

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