What Can You Mess Up In Your Business?

My grandmother used to say, you have to mess up to clean up.  This couldn’t be more true when it comes to business in today’s new economy.  So my question to business owners is what is it that you need […]

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“You’re Fired!” Said Amazon

You're Fired!


These are words no one wants to hear. Yet thousands of California affiliates - myself included - just received the equivalent. Termination emails went out to


Get Ready for a Dot Frenzy

Coming to a domain near you, www.you.you.  That's right. Dot com may be a thing of the past. Starting next year, ICANN will begin accepting applications for a

Girl, Your Website is a Hot Mess!

A Cash Cow Has Nothing on a Website Websites have changed over the years.  They started out as an electronic brochure and have evolved to cash registers.  So


Rapport – A Critical Factor For Growing Your Business

This can make a potential customer feel like he or she is being cross examined.

Most customers love to browse and shop. At the same time, most customers hate