Need WiFi? Get A New Car

A partnership between AT&T and General Motors will give new car owners an option to have 4G Internet Access embedded in their new vehicle.  It’s called “connected car.”  The service is delivered through OnStar.  Embeded cars can connect up to […]

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Mobile Holiday Sales Are BIG

Smart business owners are gearing up for the holiday shopping spree by ramping up customer engagement through mobile marketing.  The reason is simple.  Mobile sales

What tablet do I use?

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Tablet

The Season of the Tablet Computer

To Pad or to Tablet
When Apple launched the iPad almost a few years ago (April 2010), writers and enthusiast were certain that laptops

Jump on in to Mobile Marketing

Where to Start with Mobile Marketing

Come On and Jump in....the Mobile Marketing Water is Just Fine.
If you are a business owner wondering if you should jump

DIY Mobile Website

DIY Mobile Website

Business owners are hearing it again, go mobile or be left behind.  And that's because the statistics are staggering.

  • 50 million Americans use a mobile device to surf the