Exclusive Membership

What is the Tech Divas Uncorked! Network?

The Tech Divas Uncorked! Network is a member focused business alliance established especially for successful business women who want to become more tech savvy. Through membership in the network, members are empowered to grow and develop technically in an inviting, fun, interactive, environment. The results our members enjoy highly profitable businesses, professional success, and improved personal lives.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to be your strategic partner for developing 21st Century technology skills. As a first priority, we help our members stay competitive by providing a relentless focus on digital literacy. As technology changes and the economy moves around the globe, our members are well prepared to keep up.

Why should I invest in a Tech Divas Uncorked! membership?

Literacy has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, in order to participate in all that life has to offer, individuals must be new media educated. Business professionals must seek out specialized development opportunities that prepare them to succeed in a fluid, internationally competitive economy.

What are the benefits of joining Tech Divas Uncorked! Network?

Membership in the Tech Divas Uncorked! Network gives you access to: a members only personalized gateway to an online community of dynamic , sophisticated women; offline and online training from internationally recognized speakers and business educators; opportunities to attend skill-building activities; contacts and resources lists; specials and discounted registration at Tech Divas Uncorked! events; and so much more.

How can I enhance my membership?

 Customize and add value to your membership with professional coaching and an exclusive program designed to foster mentoring relationships between members.

Yes! I’m ready! Show me what membership level fits my needs………