Focus on Strengths

One of my all time favorite coaches is Marcus Buckingham. A few years ago, I read his book – Now, Go work Your Strengths. This provided a real aha moment for me. As a babyboomer, I was encouraged to focus on my weaknesses. Buckingham says the opposite. Fast forward to today, and his advice couldn’t be more relevant. Find your unique strengths and rally around them. This gives you the chance to express the best of yourself. If you provide a product or service that contributes to others, put your efforts into making that product or service the best it can be. And if you are not that good at promoting your product or service, hire that part out. This is not the right time to do it all. Now is the time to do what YOU do best. Find vendors, joint venture partners, interns, or virtual assistants to do the work that you are not that good at. Using this tactic will grow your business in good and bad economic times.

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