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 She knows her stuff
Cynthia really knows her stuff! She is a seasoned entrepreneur who is passionate about technology and business growth.  Cynthia draws on experience, charm, insight, and knowledge to share with audiences how technology can enhance their business and professional life.

Powerful Messages, Great Content, Dynamic Learning Opportunities

Leading the way for business and personal empowerment, Cynthia’s gift for communication guides your attendees from a fear of technology to an instant mind shift. She makes learning about today’s tech tools fun. In fact, Cynthia helps audiences see the value of getting on board with technology.

What can I say….You were fabulous! The audience connected with you and your message. They loved your tips on leverage and were awed by you knowledge of technology. It was an honor having you be part of the Leadership Success Summit. ~~Lisa Marie Platske, CEO, Upside Thinking.com

Most Popular and in Demand Topics

Life In The Tech Lane –The Joys and Pains of Living in Today’s Digital World

  • What technology is and what technology is NOT
  • Why it is so important that Small Business Owners embrace technology
  • Hot Topic –What is important to YOU (yes you!)
  • Worth it or Worthless –Tech gadgets and toys
  • How to leverage technology to save time and grow profits
  • Personal Branding –The new rules of Corporate Success
  • Digital Communication
  • Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Their Children
  • DigiSafe101
  • Monitoring & Managing Your Online Reputation

Marketing In The Clouds

  • iPhone& Android Apps
  • Mobi Website
  • Text Marketing
  • Blogs vs Websites
  • Social Media
  • Building Relationships Online
  • Information Products
  • Podcasts
  • Teleseminars
  • Webinars

Contact Cynthia here or call 206-312-1626

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