What’s In My Image Clutch?


The Power of Image

When it comes to success in life, image has always played a significant role. Today, social media and online networking make image a critical factor. Whether it is a profile photo or a video on your website, business owners must look the part if they want to connect with potential customers, reporters, and joint venture partners online. And even when you are networking offline, you want to look the part.

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Eyes Say It All

There is nothing more beautiful than a well manicured set of eyes. Here are a few of my secrets for making my eyes stand out.

This gel is the perfect finishing touch for eyebrows.  Get it here

I love this eyeliner. So precise.  Get it here

Eye lashes are all the craze. Keep them full and long with this mascara.  Get it here

Applying eye makeup is so easy with the right tools. These applicators are the best.  Get them here

These are must have grooming tools. And they travel very well too.  Get them here

Never. ever go to bed with eye makeup on. This remover is awesome.  Get it here

When your eyes feel tired, this is a great way to sooth them.  Get it here

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