A Brief Lesson on Mobile Operating Systems

A is not for Apple

I was prepping to meet a client at one of my favorite mobile spots when someone came up to me and asked “is that an iPad?”  I playfully said “no it isn’t.”

Tablets, Pads, eReaders

I went on to share information about all of the mobile units hitting the market recently. There are 7 inch tablets, 8 inch tablets, the 9.7 inch pad, and dual screen tablets.  Some of the tablets are designed to read digital books – known as readers only. Others are smart tablets that include an app for reading books, in addition to the capacity to read photo, video, and music files.   Some tablet makers have teamed with a bookstore and that means the tablet comes pre-installed with that particular bookstore’s software. In these cases, the owner must register with that bookstore to download books. Other tablets are open source which means you can download and read books from the bookstore of your choice.

The Operating System

I went on to explain that there are basically three operating system categories that the tablets fall into: the mac operating system, the android operating system, or the blackberry operating system. Then, the conversation moved to smart phones. My visitor injected, “this is all so confusing. How do I know which is which” Again, I mentioned that there has been an explosion of smart phones on the market with features that mirror the iphone. And like the tablets, those same three operating systems drive how the smart phone works.

What Made Us Laugh

As I was working through my explanation of tablets, cell phones, and operating systems, I could see that my visitor was beginning to understand. It was the answer to his earlier comment/question that made both of us laugh so loud that others turned around and looked to see what the ruckus was. When he said, this is all so confusing; how do I know which is which?” my response was, “whenever you see products with an “i” in front of them, you know those are Apple products driven by the mac operating system. My visitor then said, “I thought “a” was for apple!”

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