Mobile Holiday Sales Are BIG


Smart business owners are gearing up for the holiday shopping spree by ramping up customer engagement through mobile marketing.  The reason is simple.  Mobile sales are skyrocketing.

Take a look at the numbers.  In 2008, mobile sales were about $1.6 million.  In just one year, that number jumped to almost $25 million.  This year, mobile devices are expected to generate over $119 billion in sales.  By 2015, mobile sales are expected to be between $650 and $900 billion.

According to David Hewitt of Sapient Nitro (a publicly traded marketing company), we will see a big increase in mobile spending for the 2011 holiday season.  And his prediction is supported by a recent study conducted by search giant Google:  15% of all “Black Friday” searches will be from a mobile phone and 44% of total searches for last minute gifts will be from a mobile device.

Given the mobile sales windfall that is expected this holiday season, small business owners must position themselves to take advantage of the mobile wave.

Even though the mobile web is growing 4 times as fast as the Internet, most small businesses don’t have a mobile infrastructure in place.  They don’t have a mobile website, they don’t have a database of their customers’ cell phone numbers, and they don’t have an interactive coupon offer.

Savvy business owners are taking advantage of mobile sales opportunities by meeting the expectations of their customers.  Customers want quick and easy access to information, AND they want a fun and engaging shopping experience.

The bottom line is this; we see a huge increase in demand for mobile shopping from customers.  Yet, small businesses are not going to keep up with the demand this holiday season unless they jump in now.  If you give your customers value and fun, they will respond.  So don’t put it off.


Go Mobile Now!

PS. Here are the benefits of going mobile:  Great Visibility, Increased Sales, Build Customer Loyalty, Generate Quality Leads, and so much more!


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