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The Untold Story of Ted Williams – The Man With the “Golden Message”

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Marketing Messages

There’s probably very few people who are unfamiliar with the comeback story of radio announcer Ted Williams. The news media, facebookers, bloggers, and tweeters alike have told and retold the awesome sequence of events. Homeless man Ted Williams stands on corner holding a sign, lands on YouTube, and the next thing you know, he is on the Today Show with work offers, from New York to Hawaii, pouring in.

The story that hasn’t been told however, is a lesson that entrepreneurs and small business owners can learn from. @Felecia Slattery picked up on part of it in her blog post pointing out the ability to communicate his message.

The other side to the untold story is the mobile marketing side.  Ted Williams took his message to the streets with his own mobile billboard.  It wasn’t a fancy billboard like the ones you see on New York’s Times Square or the digital billboards popping up on freeways everywhere.  It was, however, an effective billboard because, as Felecia pointed out, the message was clear and effective.

When small business owners combine a powerful message with a mobile billboard, the results can be phenomenal. And it doesn’t take a freeway billboard or hundreds of words to work. For example, take a business card. With a shift of the mind, this small 3×5 space can be an effective mobile billboard if it has an effective message printed on it. And that same principle applies to the small space allotted for social media status updates. A simple shift of the mind coupled with an effective message can turn that space into a powerful mobile billboard that gets results.

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