The Proof is in the Mobile Marketing


Even Ted Williams – a Homeless Man – Knows That

Yes, Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice knew that if he was to change his status, he had to go on a mobile marketing campaign.  He did and he ended up attracting his most profitable target market. And his most profitable target market offered him millions of dollars worth of voice over work.

It’s not new really. New York Times Square is filled with mobile marketing campaigns.  Most every major freeway is lined with mobile marketing messages. Then there are bus stop benches, automobiles, well you get the message.  Thus, with so many businesses using and profiting from mobile marketing, what is holding small business entrepreneurs back from using this powerful tool?

Perhaps they think mobile marketing is only for big companies.  Well Ted Williams showed us that it works for solopreneurs on a limited to no budget. Perhaps they think it is too complicated.  Again, Ted Williams showed just the opposite.  He took a simple yet powerful message and turned it into real dollars.  Perhaps they think mobile marketing is only for the younger generation.  Wrong again.  Ted Williams is a mature man with grey hair and 14 grandchildren.

The bottom line is this.  Mobile marketing is not rocket science, and mobile marketing works.  If you are a small business owner who wants to employ the power of mobile marketing, go for it!

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