Need WiFi? Get A New Car

girl_in_carA partnership between AT&T and General Motors will give new car owners an option to have 4G Internet Access embedded in their new vehicle.  It’s called “connected car.”  The service is delivered through OnStar.  Embeded cars can connect up to 8 different devices. That’s right, your laptop, your passenger’s tablet, and your back seat rider’s ipod can all get connected.

Actually, this is not all that new.  Audi has offered broadband capabilities on several of its models for the past few years.  BMW and Chrysler intends to be the next car companies to follow suit.  In fact, Chrysler sees teaming with Sprint to uplevel its Uconnect infotainment system on vehicles such as the Ram 1500 pickup and SRT Viper sports car as a way to ramp up sales.

How fast is this type of WiFi service you ask?  Well, GM says it is 10 times faster than older 3G wireless technology.  Whether that holds up though, depends largely on AT&Ts ability to expand its network.

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