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Come On and Jump in….the Mobile Marketing Water is Just Fine.

If you are a business owner wondering if you should jump into the mobile marketing craze, the answer is a loud YES.  If you are wondering where is a good place to start, I say start with a mobile website.  Why a mobile website? In a word – explosion.  From Morgan Stanley to Microsoft to retailer Home Shopping Network, they all say that in 5 years or less, more users will access the Internet with a mobile device than a computer.

Let’s face it. Our lives are more active than ever before. And we want access to information no matter where we are or what we are doing.  Combine this with a proliferation of apps being developed and the result is definitely explosive!

The fact is, mobile users want quick and easy access to information. And chances are, your current customers, as well as potential customers. are already visiting your website using a mobile device.  Therefore, if your web based site takes too long to load, you could lose them.  Besides, a website that was designed for a 10 to 15 inch computer screen is just not going to show well on a small 2 or 4 inch cell phone screen.

As the demand for a mobile lifestyle continues to grow and prosper, small business owners must position themselves to benefit from this growth. Check out these numbers.

  • 50 million Americans use a mobile device to surf the web
  • 122 million Americans say that they now purchase a phone based on their interest in getting online
  • Mobile search on Google is growing by 160% per year
  • Mobile devices generated 1.6 million in sales in 2009
  • Time spent on the Internet is up now that users have access via a cell phone
  • Mobile web is growing 4 times as fast as the Internet
  • One out of seven minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile
  • The price on mobile devices like phones and tablets is down
  • JQ Public (Jane/John) is no longer adverse to learning how to use mobile devices
  • App development has added flare and fun to the game!

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  1. Position one self to benefit from the growth! So true!

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