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Are There Opportunities in This Economy for New VAs?

Big shout out to SheEO’s Rock Facebook group member DWritewell.  She encouraged me to write this post. You see, we were in the group talking about the industry of virtual assisting.  It seems like the market has been flooded lately with scores of new VAs.  So many in fact, that the question was raised – Are there enough opportunities to support the number of VAs selling their services.  Here’s what I said…….


they find a niche and brand themselves in it.  I see a lot of  VA ads and promos that say pick me, I do it all.  Unfortunately, this may not resonate with potential clients. It certainly does not set a VA apart from the rest.

What do clients want?

Most clients hire a VA based on a project they are working on.  Let’s say it is a marketing firm looking to hire a VA to work on social media projects. In this case, the hiring company could care less if a VA has years of experience bookkeeping. What they will look at is the online presence of the VA. Consideration is not likely to be given to a VA  who has a fan page with 10 fans or no current status updates, or profile that is only used to keep in touch with family.  On the other hand, a brick and mortar business that doesn’t market online is not likely to look favorably on a VA who only knows the online world.  That same company though, would be very impressed with a VA who has years of admin experience under her belt.

Whether you are a new VA just getting started, or you have a growing VA business, keep these three tips in mind if you want to grow your company:

  • Know what you are selling
  • Specialize in it and make that your brand
  • Communicate your specialty to potential clients looking for those specific skills

If you want to learn more on standing out in a crowd, read here.

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