What Can You Mess Up In Your Business?

My grandmother used to say, you have to mess up to clean up.  This couldn’t be more true when it comes to business in today’s new economy.  So my question to business owners is what is it that you need to mess up in your business in order to have a cleaner more profitable business?

For example, is there an old product that is not selling that is collecting dust?  Why not pull it out, polish it up and use it as an incentive to get customers to try something new from you. Or to get existing clients to order more.  Is there a service you provide that is no longer relevant in today’s market place? Why not throw it in the trash and offer something that is relevant to the marketplace. Or perhaps you can donate a few of those “old” service hours to a non-profit that can use something basic to improve the non-profit.  Are there old files hogging RAM or hard drive space?  Why not move them to a back up drive or on to the cloud.  Is there an outdated philosophy taking up space in your mind?  Why not shift your thoughts to something a little more up to date and contemporary.  Is there a goal that is burried under a pile of business inactivity? Why not activate it and put it into motion?

The point is, don’t just think of cleaning up your house or your car.  Take some time to clean up your messy business every now and then too.

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