What Message Do You Send?

As I work with clients in my coaching practice on how to sustain profitability and grow their company, I find that many of them are not clear on their own message.  Nor can they communicate a message out to their target market in a consistent uniform way.  Sending mixed messages makes it difficult for a small business to attract and retain their most profitable customer.  This has a long term effect on the overall sustainability of the business.

A key element to communicating a single message is to know your unique position in the market.  Communicating what distinguishes your company from all the others providing a similar product or service can go a long way to capturing the attention and subsequently the loyalty of customers who want to do business with you.  Many of my clients come to me with a copy cat mentality regarding what makes them different.  They state a position that may work for another company without thinking through how that position really applies to their own uniqueness.

Not sure how to craft your own USP? Click here for more on this subject.

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