Girl, Your Website is a Hot Mess!

A Cash Cow Has Nothing on a Website

Websites have changed over the years.  They started out as an electronic brochure and have evolved to cash registers.  So much so that online sales for this past (2010) holiday season topped $13 billion. That is a 13% increase from the previous year. AND, that number was for a mere 29 days – November to December 1.

The question is, can a small business entrepreneur capitalize on this massive spending spree? In a word, YES! Many small business owners are enjoying unprecedented success by having an online presence.  Unfortunately, many more are not.

First Impression

What a lot of website owners don’t understand is that if they want a website that sells, that website had better be spot on.  Again, that is not the case with too many small business owners. When potential customers land on their site, the first impression is a bad one.

What Sells?

Every business owner knows that people purchase from people they know, like, and trust. So if you want a website that sells, it must be irresistible, it must build trust, it must be memorable, and most of all, it must move a visitor to take action.

How does a website do that?

To have a website that get results, the overall look and feel of the site must be sticky enough to keep visitors on the site. Coupled with a fresh clean look and dynamic strategic content, a website can sell 24/7.

Want to learn more about having a website that sells?  Join this free webinar with me, Cynthia Renee Frazier, and Lavada Thompson of Gems Shine Consulting. You can see all of the details here. See you there!

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